As COVID-19 impacts the Greater Twin Cities, our community is stepping up to meet this unprecedented challenge in a thousand inspiring ways each day – as neighbors, volunteers, business and community leaders, and professionals. This page is to provide you with the resources to run a successful employee campaign to support our Greater Twin Cities COVID-19 Response and Recovery fund. 100% of donations to the fund will be used to provide services to those who are most vulnerable.

    The quick start guide includes our recommended structure and steps to quickly setup an employee giving campaign for the Greater Twin Cities COVID-19 Response and Recovery fund. Resources including communication templates and ideas for virtual events are under the Marketing Templates and Participation Strategies sections below.

    Recommended Campaign Structure: We recommend a 1 week campaign to support Greater Twin Cities COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund with targeted email and online communications that highlight information about COVID-19 resources.

    Steps to Launching Campaign

    1. Get approval from your leadership to run the campaign. Discuss any opportunities for related company support like a company match or small incentives to participate
    2. Share kickoff communication by posting campaign on your intranet and sending out kickoff email
    3. Solicit support from a few employees to build awareness of the campaign with remote workers
    4. Communicate midweek and final day messaging during the campaign

    Maximize the Campaign with Salesforce.org Philanthropy Cloud (SPC)

    • Ongoing content about COVID-19 News and Resources
    • Easy to Use Interface
    • Increased online giving choices
    • Free of Charge

    Campaign ToolkitSPC Opportunity

    Questions? Contact United Way at campaign@gtcuw.org
  • Visual Guide

    The Greater Twin Cities COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund Visual Guide includes our key messaging, branded images, and social media prompts for the fund that you can utilize for campaign messaging.

    Visual Guide

    Visual Guide Attachments

    Attachments listed here are the individual files documented in the Visual Guide above.

    Campaign Communication

    The campaign communication includes a sample communication calendar, emails, intranet posts, and links to key information.

    Communication Calendar

    Campaign Emails

    Intranet Posts

  • ​Building awareness with employees about the fund can be difficult while many are working remote or at home.  The following options are a few ideas how employees can share about the campaign virtually.

    • Organize a Kickoff Happy Hour to connect with coworkers at the "virtual water cooler" (using Skype, Teams, or Zoom). Employees can share and build awareness during the virtual happy hour
      • Share how you've adjusted to your new "office" (even have a competition on who has the best home office set-up!)
      • Post a photo or a share a video holding a "Why I Stay Home" message
    • Purchase gift cards to local restaurants impacted by COVID-19 and randomly offer them to employees or hold a drawing for anyone who participates in your campaign.
    • Text chains among coworkers sharing 211 and COVID-19 resources to encourage participation and share why they donated.  Consider highlighting "Why I stay Home" messages or gratitude toward essential employees on the frontline
    • Email the Call-to-Action Video to employees featuring John Wilgers, GTCUW CEO