Certificate of Appreciationhttps://junction.gtcuw.org/Ambassador/Orders/materials/campaign-planning/33/Certificate of AppreciationCertificate of AppreciationUse as a giving incentive or honor volunteers with this certificate of appreciation.
Certificate of Appreciation (Editable Download)https://junction.gtcuw.org/Ambassador/Orders/materials/campaign-planning/35/Certificate of Appreciation (Editable Download)Certificate of Appreciation (Editable Download)Don't wait on us to deliver. Create your own certifciates of appreciation. Just type in the names and print. Could not be easier!
Campaign Thermometers - Small (Download Only)https://junction.gtcuw.org/Ambassador/Orders/materials/campaign-planning/53/Campaign Thermometers - Small (Download Only)Campaign Thermometers - Small (Download Only)Thermometer to track of progress toward your campaign goal. Measures 11x17 inches. Not reusable.
Campaign Thermometers - Largehttps://junction.gtcuw.org/Ambassador/Orders/materials/campaign-planning/54/Campaign Thermometers - LargeCampaign Thermometers - LargeReusable vinyl thermometer to track of progress toward your campaign goal. Measures 6x2 feet.