Emerging Leaders One-Pager (Download Only)https://junction.gtcuw.org/Ambassador/Orders/materials/giving-communities/30/Emerging Leaders One-Pager (Download Only)Emerging Leaders One-Pager (Download Only)Emerging Leaders give $500 or more annually and enjoy many benefits, like professional networking opportunties, leadership development events, and social engagements.
Women United One-Pager (Download Only)https://junction.gtcuw.org/Ambassador/Orders/materials/giving-communities/31/Women United One-Pager (Download Only)Women United One-Pager (Download Only)Women United members help women achieve in their careers and children succeed in school. Donors give $1,000 or more annually.
Arise Project One-Pager (Download Only)https://junction.gtcuw.org/Ambassador/Orders/materials/giving-communities/66/Arise Project One-Pager (Download Only)Arise Project One-Pager (Download Only)United Way Arise Project members support LGBTQ homeless youth in the Twin Cities with the vital support they need to obtain and maintain housing, as well as other essential services.