Volunteering with your work group or team during your campaign is one of the best ways to increase campaign participation. And developing a year-round engagement program can enhance your employee retention and recruitment:

  • Businesswire.com reports that Americans who volunteer their time and skills to nonprofits donate an average of 10 times more money to charity than people who don't volunteer.

  • In a recent Deloitte survey, 92 percent of respondents reported that volunteering expands an employee's professional skill set.

  • Millennials, Baby Boomers, retirees and Gen Xers are increasingly seeking opportunities to pursue meaningful social impact work in the corporate sector.

Volunteering provides opportunities for all staff to participate in the community, provides an important resource for local nonprofits, and helps educate and engage people in United Way's work.  

Volunteer United is provided by United Way as a free matching service that connects individuals and groups to hundreds of volunteer opportunities within the health and human services field.  We're ready to find the perfect volunteer opportunity for your team.  Search online or call (612) 340-7440

You can order complimentary Volunteer United t-shirts for all employees who volunteer. Email us to order shirts.

Ready-to-go Projects

Whether you have 1 volunteer or 1,000, Volunteer United has hundreds of opportunities for you to choose from. Search for projects by subject, location or nonprofit. 

Specialized Projects

Do you have specific requirements and want to talk to a Volunteer United staff member? Our team is great at helping you create a project that’s perfect for your employees. Contact Volunteer United by email or call (612) 340-7440.

Organizing a Volunteer Program

Volunteer United can help you structure your company volunteer program. We also have helpful tips and tools. Contact Volunteer United by email or call (612) 340-7440.