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Designated Agency Tools

​As a service to our donors, Greater Twin Cities United Way allows all or a portion of a donation to be designated to any 501(c)3 nonprofit. Agencies that receive this designated funding can find tools on this page to access quarterly designation payout information, as well as policies regarding these funds.

If your organization has received designations and you have a portal account, visit our Agency Connect site.

If you've received designations and need to request access to Agency Connect, visit the access request page.

Electronic Funds Transfer Form

United Way Donor Choice Contact Information:
Phone: 612-340-7696

Important Policies

  • Donor designations are subject to a cost recovery rate of approximately 12 percent. See United Way's Designation Policy for more information on administrative and fundraising costs.
  • United Way issues the required tax receipts to donors. Donors who asked that their names be provided to your agency are identified by name and address. All other donors are listed as anonymous in accordance with their wishes.
  • These donors are already supporting United Way and your agency; please do not make additional requests for funding. Thank your donors or acknowledge the gift to your organization.
  • Unless you receive additional funding through United Way’s Program Review process, your organization may not represent itself in promotional materials, advertisements, correspondence, publications, etc. as being endorsed, supported by, or in any way related to Greater Twin Cities United Way. If you wish to credit this support, please identify it as “donor designated funds.”